About Us...



Moulvibazar.com is the brainchild of Mr. Muhammed R. Choudhury. His passion for the Moulvibazar region has fueled the development of this, one of a kind, Web site.


Mr. Choudhury, a man with a great vision for his motherland, has always sought ways to ensure the welfare of his fellow countrymen. His patriotism is rooted in the great liberation war. As a regional leader of a huge group of freedom fighters, he fiercely fought the Pakistan army. He never stopped helping the needy. Although, he has gone through many struggles of life, he never stopped finding ways of voicing the opinions of the people of Moulvibazar.


Mr. Choudhury approached his nephew, Mohammed J. Kabir (Ronak) with his idea. Kabir, the Chief Technology Officer of a leading Web technology firm in U.S.A., got the ball rolling in the right direction. The very first version of Moulivibazar.com was created in only two working days!


With Kabir’s help he was able to define the primary objective ---- MOULVIBAZAR.COM IS ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE.


The website has been redesigned and reallocated with the help of a young educated web designer Mashhur Anam. Being a member of a Freedom Fighter family, he became interested to help the website which was dedicated to the memory of the Shaheed Freedom Fighters. He has volunteered his valuable time to re-designed and reallocated the site.



The purpose of MOULVIBAZAR.COM is to act as the information portal for the region. We plan to offer regional history, news, features, information on important individuals and organizations that contribute in the development of the Moulvibazar region, and interactive services such as business and public directories, discussion forums, etc.


We also hope that as a side effect of our on-going efforts in building this portal, we will be in the position to help and/or offer advise to other regional portals that are bound to appear on the Web soon. Our ability to make good on our promises will depend heavily on our ability to recruit volunteers for the on-going operations of this Web site.


See “SUPPORT US” section if you are all pumped up and ready to volunteer.


Recognition by the founder

We recognize Mr. Mohammed J Kabir a renowned IT professional, the person who created the first version of the website in only two days of very hard work.  We also recognize Mr. Mashhur Anam a website designer for his volunteer efforts and dedication to re-design and re-allocate the website.


Every now and then, we will recognize those who really work hard and provide us with good contents and feedback. Thank you very much for visiting the website.



M. Shahadat Hussain

Chief Coordinator & Executive Editor.


Email: Moulvibazar.com@gmail.com