My Trip in Cuffley Camp!

Day 1

The day I was going to Cuffley Camp, I was nervous. I was scared of leaving home because there will be no electricity equipment like; a televiosn, radio and all the comedy things. When I got on the coach it was boring at first but until the bus driver put on the music it was getting better.

Finally we got to a town called Cuffley. The houses looked massive from outside and they looked beautiful. About five minutes later we got to the campsite. Now I thought it was time to get surprised at the state of our camp site, the Brackendenes'. Well I was right about one thing that was the tents. They were appalling. Now I felt home sick.


After lunch we went on an assault course where there were ropes to climb on and rope activities. That was real fun and it made me confident about rope climbing. After dinner we went on an activity called Group Development. It was hard work but it made me think much more.


That night one of the tent members who was sleeping in my tent was so funny because she was scared of foxes coming into our tent to eat us up. Unfortunately she was telling the truth about being scared. Later on that night people were singing and shouted so I could not go to sleep. When we got back and we had a camp fire and then we went to sleep.
Day 2

The next day in the morning I woke up at 6am and got ready for our breakfast. Later on we worked on invertebrates and where you can find them. Then we went for lunch. After lunch we went to a circus workshop and I tried out the stilts and got used to it. It was good to be able to use something different. For dinner that evening we had a barbecue. I had a vegetarian sausage and potatoes. After dinner we went Pond Dipping for creatures that live in ponds. We found beetles and frogs and other things. It was gross. When we got back and had a campfire and then went to sleep.

Day 3

This was the last day of our trip and we went on to the field and had some parachute games. It was fun being the shark. Then we played 'Capture the flag' that was great. When we went into the shop I bought a squirrel to remind myself of Cuffley.


By Jumanah Choudhury
Hazel bury Junior School, Year 6, London, UK
28th - 30th June 2000