Sanzanaís Eid

Day One"

Hi, My name is Sanzana , a 5th grader and I am going to tell you about all the fun I had celebrating the Eid-ul- Adha. It was an optional school holiday. In the morning, I woke up and took a shower while my dad and brother were getting ready to go to the Masjid to say Eid prayer.Then after they left, I started getting ready. I dressed myself with new clothes, specially presented for Eid. My father and brother arrived just after I finished getting ready. I said my Eid salam to everyone in the house. Then my big sister and I went out with the car. We went to say our salams to most of our relatives in NY. We went to our cousinís house and picked them up. They came with us to visit few other relativesí houses. First we went to one of my cousinsí friendís house and stayed there for a while. She is a sweet friend. Then we went to my sistersí friendís house. We picked her up and came back to our home. It was snowing at that time and that's what made our trip more funfilled. First of all, we got wet to our toes and we got covered in snow. It was exciting to have fun like that. While we were in the car, my cousin Saajan and I looked at his Poke'mon cards. Then we went to their house again and picked up his mom. When we arrived at our house, we ate and then Saajan and I traded Poke'mon cards. (You grownups wouldn't want to know). Anyways, after my cousins left, I looked at my Poke'mon cards and put them in order. Then a half an hour later, we all went to my cousin Tamjid's house. It was an extreme fun-athon!!!

It was fun because most of our families were there. We played games, looked at Poke'mon cards, and some of the times, we laughed our lungs out. The best part was that we all gathered together as a family to celebrate. My cousins and I got a lot of Salami (Eid Money).Then a lot of other family members came. We turned on the music really loud and played the whole night. Thatís the end of the day One.

"Day Two"

On day two, we woke up early in the morning. We ate breakfast and got ready for my uncle to pick us up. He is my Helal Mama. He is going to pick us up to go to his house. When we arrived at his house, his son Amin, who is 2 years of age was so happy to see us. He nearly started jumping. Even though I am 8 years older than him, he is my friend. I play with him and Niju who is also 2 years old. They are very cute, and playful. After about 4 hours, we went to Sweety Mami's house. That is Niju's mom. She has 3 daughters. Their names are... Sharlene,6,Shathi3, and of course Niju. We played school, and made our own journals. We wrote that days entry, and shared it with each other. It was very very fun. We went to Sharlene's house at 4:30 and stayed there for the rest of the day. We came home at approximately 2AM in the morning. That was the most fun Eid I could remember in such a small life. Thatís what I did in day 2.

"Day Three"

On day three, we woke up in the morning and ate breakfast. Then Belal Mama, came to give us the meat of Kurbani. He stayed for a while. Then my dad and my brother went outside. After they went outside, my sister and I went out to Steinway Street. I bought a Poke'mon booster pack that comes with 60 cards, and a game. Then we went to a restaurant called Subway and ate. I opened my booster pack and saw that I had caught very valuable Poke'mon. When we came home, we saw that my dad and my brother were home. My dad turned on the Titanic CD. We listened to it while I ate the remaining of my sandwhich. Then I organized my Poke'mon cards and the day was over. Thatís the end of my Eid story.

P.S. I wonder what will happen tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sanzana Zaman, 5th grade student of PS 17,Astoria, New York)