This Web site has been dedicated to the memory of
Shaheed Freedom Fighters:

  • Abdul Mukit, son of Md. Mosoddar Ali, Mission Road, Moulvibazar Town
  • Abdus Shahid, son of Mvi. Abdul Latif, Barshijura, Moulvibazar
  • Kripesh Ranjan Kar, son of Kiran Moni Kar, Sabiha, Moulvibazar
  • Shamir Shome, son of Sudir Shome, Sreemongal Town
  • Shambu Singh Bhoumik, son of Ram Singh Bhoumik, Fuskuri T.E, Sreemongal
  • Shukamoy Paul, Botli, Kulaura
  • Shudarsan Deb, Tengra, Rajnagar
  • Moin Uddin, son of Md. Boyat Ullah, Kasimpur, Sreemongal
  • Nurul Islam, Kulaura
  • Jamir Ali, son of Romij Ali, Radanagar, Moulvibazar
  • Tera Mia, son of Sujan Mia, Kasbah, Moulvibazar
  • Khitish C. Chakrabarty, son of Khetra M. Chakrabarty, Abdalpur, Moulvibazar
  • Rahim Baksh Khoka, Sreemongal Bus Stand, Moulvibazar Town
  • Abdun Noor, son of Haji Khurshid Ali, Dawlatpur, Baralekha

... and hundreds of others who dedicated their lives in the District of Moulvibazar for the liberation of our homeland. We also dedicate this site to many other Freedom Fighters who laid their lives in the accidental (?) bomb blast on 20th December,1971, in the Government High School (Temporary Camp), Moulvibazar, just after the liberation of Bangladesh. 

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