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Historical Pictures

A historical group photograph of the U.S. Army Air Force officers of the 61st Air Service Group at Shamshernagar Airbase. In the background is a C47 cargo plane with the name "Regina the Queen".(Photo provided by Frank Cabral whose grandfather, Major Wilson Porch, was a US Army Air Force Officer stationed at the air base (2nd Row, 5th officer from the right side). (The photograph was taken by a professional AAF Photographer in August, 1945)

Regina The Queen

Few historical pictures of Shamshernagar Airport and Surrounding areas at World War II

(Photo provided by Mr. Dana Clarkson-Grove, UK.These photos were originally taken by Mr. 'J. Irving Grove' (Picture 1) who was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army Air Corps based at Shamshernagar Air Base at World War II period. He had a radio shop in Shamshernagar Bazar. Mr. J. Irving Grove is currently residing in
Hicksville, Ohio, USA and he is 90 years old. With the request of, Mr. J. Irving Grove has written his memory at Shamshernagar, which was published in our History Section. Mr. Dana Clarkson-Grove is the son of Mr. J. Irving Grove. )

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Other old pictures

Freedom Fighter Azizur Rahman, MCA in a Battle Field of Libearation War in 1971
Great Leader of Moulvibazar Ebadur R. Chowdhury's visit to NYC
Moulvibazar Dot Com Volunteer Meets the Founder
Amin's Birthday 2002

Few old pictures of Moulvibazaris (Photo provided by Ronnie Prentice Roy,Canada)

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Few old pictures of Moulvibazaris (Photo provided by Gias Uddin, NYC, USA)

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A old picture of Shantibag areas of Moulvibazar town provided by Shuab Chowdhury

Dress as you like 1982


Dargah-E-Hazrat Shah Mostafa (RA)
Moulvibazar Government High School
Kashinath-Alauddin High School
Central Road at Choumuhna,Moulvibazar Town
Children Park at Moulvibazar Town
Court Road at Choumuhna,Moulvibazar Town
Central Road at Paschimbazar,Moulvibazar Town
View of Paschimbazar,Moulvibazar Town
Kusumbagh Cinema Complex at Moulvibazar Town
Bridge over the river Manu at Moulvibazar Town
Taxi-Limousine Stand at Choumuhna, Moulvibazar Town
Water Supply Tank of Moulvibazar Town
Ali Amjad Govt. Primary School
A Hartal Day at Moulvibazar
General Hospital
Habibur Rahman Junior High School
Jemon Kushi Themon Shazo
Dress as you like
Manu River
View of river Manu at Moulvibazar Town
Auditorium of Moulvibazar Degree College
A view of Manu Bridge at Chadnighat
Moulvibazar Govt.Degree College
Moulvibazar Sadar Police Station
Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila Complex
Moulvibazar Womens Govt. College
Old Court Building
Pourashava High School
Moulvibazar Public Library
Rashidabad Area
Shabzi Market at Moulvibazar Town
Zila Shilpakola Academy
Shaheed Grave Yard at Govt. High School Field
Hazrat Shah Mostafa (RA) Madrasha
Moulvibazar College Stadium
Sylhet Road at Moulvibazar Town


A leader of RYWS of UK at Tarapasha High School
First batch of Students and Teachers of Rajnagar Mohabidhalaya
RYWS of UK's Scholarship Distribution at Bimala Charan High School
Gayebi Mosque
Mazar of Hazrat Rukonuddin ( RA)
Rajnagar Upazila Parishad Gate
A Hindu Religiou Akra at Rajnagar
KamlaRanir Dighi at Rajnagar Upazila
Rajnagar Mohabidhalaya
Signing Ceremony of Rajnagar Mohabidhalaya Chapter-1986
Ist Day of Classes at Rajnagar Mohabidhalaya
New Site of Rajnagar Mohabidhalaya-1986
New Site of Rajnagar Mohabidhalaya-1986
Rajnagar Porteus High School
Uttar Mashazan Govt. Primary School
A view of Tengra Bazar
Saifur Rahman Gold Cup-1999
Ceremoinal Oath of the Tengra Union Parishad-88, Rajnagar
Inauguration of New Upazila Parishad Building
Inauguration of Special Health Program by Rajnagar Upazila Parishad-1988


Bill Gates Sr. & W. Zaman Ahmed
Bill Gates Sr. & W.Zaman Ahmed, Director Personal ICDDRB
Patrakhola Lake at Kamalganj
Fire at Occidental Gas Drilling Site, Magurchera
After the Fire at Magurchera
After the Fire at Magurchera
Kamalganj Multilateral High School
Office of the Mukthijoddah Sangsad
Subashini Homeo Hall
A view of a Tea Garden
Office of a Local Tea Estate
Tea Processing
Workers wieghing tea leaf
Processing unit of a Tea Factory
Inside of a Tea Factory
Inside of a Tea Factory
Packaging of Tea
Patrakhola Tea Factory
Tea processing
Packaging of finished tea
Inside of Patrakhola Tea Factory
Residence of a Tea Planter
Tea processing Machines
Movements of tea leaf to the Factory

Shamshernager Airfield At World war II(Photo provided by NIC TOMKINS, UK)

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A view of a Tea Garden
Tea Plantation-a natural beauty
A local tea estatate
Tea garden workers, preparing to go the plantation
Workering at a tea plantation
workers-behind the tea industry


Kulaura Police Station


Madavkunda Falls
, Baralekha



Football Team-1999 of M.Bazar Sports Association in USA

Devastating Flood in Moulvibazar 2004


Reported by Dr. Shabbir Khan, BMA, Moulvibazar


Please click onto the following links to view the pictures of the Flood affected people of Moulvibazar: Photo: Dr. Shabbir Khan


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Photographs supplied by Nasir Uddin Khan (Managing Director of National Tea Company, Dhaka), A.K. Shamim Ahmed (Stockholm, Sweden), Md. Shafiul Alam (Shohel) and Husnara Ahmed Shilu (New York, USA), Mahmudur Rahman (Moulvibazar).