Kulaura is famous for its biggest and busiest Railway Junction of Sylhet Division. Kulaura was an urban area and an Upazila Head Quarters, which has been up graded as Paurashava (Municipality) very recently. Because of itís a Railway Junction, it was turned in to a big business center of this region. Shamsher Nagar Air Port is about 8 miles and Osmani International Airport 22 miles away from this town. T&T Board and BRTA provide telecommunication facilities there.

Mr.Mohammed Abdul Malek is the 1st elected and present Chairman of this Pourashava.

Important Government and Corporate Offices:

Upazila Head Quarters

ASP, Police Circle

Police Station.

Pamil Dairy Farm

Fir Brigade and Civil Service


Mitaco Ltd.


Langla Valley Central Tea Ind.


Kulaura Degree College

Ibrahim Kajol Women College

N.C.High School.

Girls High School