Sreemongal Pourashava (municipality) is the business nucleus of the district of Moulvibazar. It is larger than many district head quarters of the country. Her panoramic beauty has made it one of the nations most attractive tourist spots. Located midway between Sylhet, Moulvibazar and Habiganj it has emerged as the communication junction for a lot of places. Apart from itís central location it has become strategically important for various reasons. The nationís largest source of foreign currency generates from Sreemongal, which stems from the tea industry. Also Sreemongal is the major producer of nationís citrus namely pineapple, lemon and few orange. Many industries have emerged lately generating a lot of employment opportunities for a diverse ethnic population composed of Muslims, Hindus, Monipuris, Khasias and also Cooli (Labor) population from tea gardens. Sreemongal also is known for producing Paan specially of Khasia variety, which is very spicy in taste.


The town is situated about 13 miles short of Moulvibazar on the Dhaka Sylhet highway. It has developed largely on both sides of the highway and the Dhaka Sylhet railway track. Since Moulvibazar is not directly connected by the Railway system most commuters prefer to use Sreemongal as their transit port. As a result a huge network of road communications involving bus, minibus, scooters, baby taxis and historical rickshaws has developed. The ethnic diversity of the population has been a remarkable plus for Sreemongal, which has triggered a cosmopolitan mentality. The average per capita income of the population is much above the national average, which drives the local economy to a dynamic role. For the rich status of the pourashava it takes multiple development projects every year to improve the living standard of its inhabitants. That is among one of the reasons why people from all over the country are streaming to settle in Sreemongal. The other good reason for this is its flood safe location. All these factors have made it uniquely and genuinely different from hundreds of other pourashavas of the country.



At present Mr. Mohammed Mohsin Miah is the Chairman of the Pourashava. There are 12 Commissioners in this Pourashava.


Local Important Government & Corporate Offices

Bangladesh Tea Board Regional HQ

Bangladesh Tea Research Institute

BDR Battalion Command

James Finlay PLC

Duncan Brothers

National Tea Company

Bangladesh Railway

Jalalabad Gas Co

Palli Biddyut Samity

Power Dev.Board, Grid Maintenance Div.

Ansar Battalion HQ

Police Station

Pathfinder Project

Telephone and Telegraph Exchange

Fire Service Station

Upazila Health and family Planning Complex

British Technical Assistance Complex

Inspector General of Labor

Rubber Plantation Project

Forest Dept. (ACF) Office

50 bed Labour Hospital


Other Resources


The Birds Residential Model College

D.Paul Womens College

Sreemongal Ideal College

Victoria High School

Government Girlís High School

Sreemongal Government Degree College



Sreemongaler Chithi