We constantly need volunteers who can provide useful contents for MOULVIBAZAR.COM. You can collect newsworthy information, contents and send to our core team to publish it in the appropriate area of the site. Currently, we are seeking the following types of information:

Different yearly event news of Moulvibazar includiing success and recognition stories of fellow Moulvibazari and other historical, sports and cultural related news.

When sending contents of this kind, please try to include one or two pictures. Provide a brief description (few hundred words) of the event. Point out the interesting aspects if any. Take a storyteller approach instead of providing dry facts about the event.

Regional and general news of the Moulvibazari people, organizations around the globe and other important news and history that effect the region in one-way or the other. You can also send articles and features about the region.

When sending contents of this nature, please make sure your facts are all checked. We would hate to remove published news articles due to factual issues.

Try to be focused on the zest of the event instead of providing a boring chronology of what you are reporting. If you wish to supply a personal reaction, please do. Remember that MOULVIBAZAR.COM is about you and your kind. Unless there is vulgar language involved, your article will be published.

Finally, we reserve the rights to perform editorial functions on any contents we gather from volunteer to ensure quality.

Send all contents to: or send by postal mail. If you have any question regarding the website or if you want to join our volunteer team, please go to the CONTACT US section and send us the queries, comments and feedback.


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