War of Liberation in Moulvibazar Upazila areas


Moulvibazar Sadar has a long history and remarkable history in the liberation movement. During the war of liberation in 1971, people of this Upazila played a heroic role.


In 1971, the day after the dark night of 25th March, people of Moulvibazar arranged a demonstration against Pakistani occupation army, disregarding curfew. LUDU Mia was killed at that time by brutal Pakistani army. He has emblamed his name as first martyrs of this Upazila during our liberation war.


In 29th March, brutal Pak junta killed student leader Bolai and Kanu at their interrogation camp. Former MP Azizur Rahman, student leader Motiur Rahman Choudhury (Editor daily Manabzamin, Dhaka), late Bomokesh Ghose were arrested and tortured by the Pakistan army in the night of 25th March.


Politicians, members of various armed forces and students were preparing to resist the Pak army. The student & other youth leaders including Shaheed Abdul Mukith, Rana Choudhury, Abdus Subhan Masu, Harunur Rashid, Dewan Wahab Choudhury, Abdul Malik, Nasir Uddin Choudhury, Mirja Farid Ahmed Baig, Sujaul Karim, Swapan Chakrabarty, Saleh Choudhury(Juri), Abdul Mukit Khan, Shaheed Kripesh Ranjan Kar, Shaheed Abdus Shaheed, Rony Prentice Roy, Azibur Rahman and few others formed a small group to help the armed freedom fighter, to resist and protest Pak armies action. The Muslim Quarters residence of Rana Choudhury was become the secret operation head quarters of that resistance group.


A big contingent of Freedom Fighters including politicians, students, members of Bengal regiment, EPR, Police, Ansar, Mujahids lead by Major Chitta Ranjan (then after Major General) and Commandant Manik Choudhury MP came to Moulvibazar and the small contingent of Moulvibazari resistance group joined with them. Realizing this and being attacked by that big group, the Pakistan Army contingent marched backward to Sylhet at the dark of night. Muktibahini formed (Freedom Fighters) captured Moulvibazar.


Few of the Indian BSF forces also arrived to help the freedom fighters. Pakistan Army was cornered and pushed back to the Sylhet airport area. Sylhet town was partly freed and all of the prisoners at Sylhet prison including Azizur Rahman and two others captured from Moulvibazar town were freed.


When Pak Army tried to return to Moulvibazar, they faced a tremendous retaliation by our freedom fighters at Sherpur in early April 1971. Captain Azizur Rahman (then after Major General) and a local student and Freedom Fighter Abdul Muhit Tutu were injured in an operation against Pakistan Army at Sherpur/Shadipur area.


Pak army had to take help from their air force to return to Moulvibazar. That battle has become a heroic part of our liberation war history. Militant people of Moulvibazar Sadar played a brave role in the war. Thousands of youngsters joined liberation forces, joined battlefields.


Martyrs Mukit, Shahid, Ranu will never be forgotten from memory of people for bravely facing the brutal torture leading to their deaths in the concentration camp. They bravely sacrificed their lives so as not to disclose the secret information regarding our war strategy.


Pak junta that was aided by local collaborators held another atrocity. They arrested several British immigrants of Helalpur of Sadar Upazila who allegedly had a connection with the liberation force.


They called all residents of the town, using loudspeakers in a rickshaw, to gather at the Manu Bridge to witness an important show.


Then they brought some of the arrested persons (including Shaheed Monaf Miah - father of Mr. Moshahid, UK and few others) there and shot them to death in front of the audience. Eldest brother of Shaheed Ranu of village Sabiha was a survivor of that incident.


They threatened the general public that, any person found connected to Mukti Bahini will be punished like this. But the irony of fate is; those collaborators are now regarded as the Mir Zafar (traitors) and the people who were killed, are regarded as Shaheed. Local Subdivision level leaders of the Muslim League and Jamat E Islami collaborated with the Pakistan Army.


Updated on October 6, 2006


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