Rajnagar Upazila is very famous for her historical background in Bangladesh and one of the most pleasant places to leave in the Sylhet Division. Hilly tea gardens, rubber plantations, Howar Kawadighi and Koraya, few hilly rivers are the beauty of Rajnagar. The Kusihiara River is flowing in the west northern corner of Rajnagar and the mighty Manu River is flowing between Tengra and Kamarchak UP of this Upazila. Another small river, Lagata, is flowing through the Kamarchak UP. The portion of Asian Highway is the best route to go to Sylhet & other places. Moulvibazar-Kulaura-Borolekha road is passed through the Rajnagar Upazila. Shamshernagar Airport - Tarapasha- Rajnagar- Balaganj is one the best metal road with a bridge over the river Manu at Tarapasha bazaar. Mohlalbazar to Choudhury Bazar road, Kadamhata to Balishasra road, Govindabati to Bahagarhat bazaar road, Rajnagar to Indeshar road, are also metal road links between important growth centers of the Upazila. The Upazila head quarter is 7 miles away from the Moulvibazar District head quarters. The Osmani International Airport is about 30 miles from Rajnagar connected via Asian Highway. Rajnagar is also known as the UGHAR (Rice Producer) of the Moulvibazar district. The Manu River Project is a big irrigation facility provided by the Water Development Board covering Tengra, Monsunnagar, Rajnagar Sadar, Panchgaon, Munshibazar, Uttarbag and Fatepur Unions. It is one of biggest irrigation facility of Bangladesh. T&T Board and BRTA is the main telephone service provider in this Upazila. The fish of the sweet water of Howar Kawadighi are very famous for its taste. Brac, Gramin Bank, Heed Bangladesh is the Main NGOs working in this Upazila.

Mr. Muhammed Rafiquddin Choudhury was the first elected Chairman (85-90) of the Upazila. Mr. Misbahuzdoza was then after elected (90-91) as Upazila Chairman. Currently the Government suspended Upazila Parishad and the next Upazila election will be held in year 2000. Although Rajnagar is an Upazila Head Quarters but it is not yet upgraded to a Pourashava. The proposal for upgrading Rajnagar as a Paurashava has been submitted to the proper authority in the period of Upazila Chairman Mr. Muhammed Rafiquddin Choudhury. He also submitted proposal for establishing 2 unions at Tarapasha and Antehari. Rajnagar Degree College, Panchgaon High School, Sonapur High School were founded during the period 85-90 with the personal initiative of the First Upazila Chairman and few other dedicated personals and government officials.

There are 8 Union Parishads under Rajnagar Upazila, which are as follows (including the names of the Chairmanís):

-Uttarbhag: Mr. Jitu Miah

-Fatepur: Haji Sirajul Islam Choudhury

-Kamarchak: Abdul Goffar-Maya

-Tengra Bazar: Abdul Motalib

-Monsurnagar: Sadiqur Rahman

-Munshibazar: Md. Satir Miah

-Panchgaon: Ismail Miah

-Rajnagar Sadar: Azad Miah Chowdhury

Rajnagar has an ancient historical background. The iron made goods from Dha, Kural to Canons were the production of the blacksmiths of Panchgaon which were highly famous once up on a time. The big historical Canon placed in front of the Gulistan Cinema at Dhaka City was made by the blacksmiths of Panchgaon under Rajnagar Upazila. It is believed to be that, in the ancient times, there was a university at Panchgaon. Rajnagar is also famous for her small kingdom of Ita. Raja Subid Narayan was a renowned king of Ita. The descendents of Raja Narayan converted into Muslim. Begum Sirajunnessa Choudhury (Late) Former MNA of Pakistan (Mother of Mr. Humayun Rashid Choudhury, Speaker, Bangladesh Parliament) and Dewan Abdul Basith (Late) Commerce Minster of former East Pakistan were the decedents of the following generation of Raja Subid Narayan.

Tengra Bazar is biggest market place of the district, which is a union head quarter of Rajnagar situated in the Moulvibazar-Kularua-Baralekha Highway. Thousands of dwellers of different part of Moulvibazar visit this Big Bazar for shopping. Any one can buy a pack Pan or a big live Buffalo or a Cow from this bazaar. Specially in Eidul Azha time there are big bazaar held for the selling of animals for sacrifice (Kurbani). T&T board is providing Telephone facilities in the Bazar Area.

Munshibazar is the 2nd largest market place of this Upazila. The Asian Highway passes through this Market Place. The important other market places and bazars are Choudhury Bazar (Monsurnagar). Choudhury Bazar (Rajnagar), Kadamhata Bazar (Monsurnagar), Tarapasha Bazar (Kamarchak), Mokambazar (Fatepur), Sarker Bazar (Panchgaon), Haripasha Bazar (Tengra), Mohlal Bazar (Monsunnagar), Miar Bazar (Kamarchak), Bhangarhat Bazar (Tengra).