Introduction of Moulvibazar District:


Moulvibazar is also known as the land of the companion of famous Muslim Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA) the great torchbearer of Islam to this region. The Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mustafa (RA) a great companion of the greatest saint Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA) is located at Moulvibazar town. Originally, with the advent of a great saint Hazrat Syed Shah Mustafa Sher-E-Sowar Chabukmar Baghdadi (RA) for preaching Islam, this Moulvibazar came to limelight. Subsequently, in the year 1882, it was declared a Sub-division under the name of "South Sylhet". Later the Sub-division was renamed after the name of a local Bazar called Moulvibazar. In the year 1984, the then President H.M.Ershad upgraded this Sub-division as a District. The First Deputy Commissioner and the Police Super of the district were Shakir Uddin Ahmed and Mukleshur Rahman respectably.


Moulvibazar district with an area of 2707 Sq. km and a population of 1.38 million is situated between 24.10 degree 24.35 degree north latitude and between 90.35 degree and 91.20-degree east longitude. It is surrounded by Sylhet district in the north, Habiganj district in the west and Indian States of Assam and Tripura in the east and south respectively. It consists of 7 Upazilas namely Moulvibazar Sadar, Rajnagar, Sreemongal, Kamalganj, Kulaura, Juri and Baralekha. It has 67 Unions, 2064 Villages, There are 5 Pourashava namely Barlekha, Kamalganj, Kulaura, Sreemongal, Moulvibazar. Almost 0.05 millions tribal population belonging to ‘Monipuri’, ‘Khasia’ and Tripura tribes inhabit in Kamalganj, Sreemongal and Kulaura Upazila of this district.

The main rivers of the district are the Manu, the Dholoi and the Juri. These rivers are originated from India. Every year during the rainy season when there is excessive rainfall in India the surplus water flows through these rivers causing devastating floods at Moulvibazar district. Unless rivers are properly dredged the flood cannot be checked and controlled.

The district has got immense economic prospects and a good number of assets like tea, pineapple, bamboo, cane, jackfruit, orange, agar, rubber and lemon. Out of 153 teagardens in Bangladesh, 91 of those are located in this district. The pineapples grown in Sreemongal are renowned for its sweetness and flavor.

Moulvibazar is also well known for its wide variety of exquisite handicrafts of cane and bamboo. The bamboo and cane produced in this district also meet a considerable part of the national demand. In addition paddy and fish are produced here. There are three big Haors namely ‘Kawadighi’, ‘Hakaluki’ and Hail hoar covering a total area of 60,000 hectors. Large quantities of fishes are cultivated in those Haors each year. There are also reserved forest areas in this district.

Next to the Hill Tracts, Moulvibazar is the widely hilly district in the country. Nestled in the picturesque Manu valley amidst scenic tea plantations and lush green tropical forests, it is a prime attraction for all tourists. Its terraced tea gardens, eye catching orange groves and pineapple plantations and hills covered with tropical forests form a beautiful landscape.

The Moulvibazar valley has a good number of haors, which are big natural wetlands. During winter these haors are vast stretches of green land, but in the rainy season they turn into a turbulent sea. These Haors provide sanctuary to the millions of migratory birds who fly from Siberia across the Himalayas to avoid the severe cold.

Sreemongal in Moulvibazar, known as the tea capital of Bangladesh, is the main tea center of the area. For miles and miles around, the visitor can see the teagardens spread like green carpet over the plain land or on the sloping hills. A visit to the tea plantation in Moulvibazar is a memorable experience. Moulvibazar, the tea granary of Bangladesh, not only has over 91 tea gardens but also proudly possesses the three largest tea gardens in the world both in area and production.

Rajnagar in Moulvibazar is very famous for her ancient history. The historical canon now displayed in Osmani Uddhan, Dhaka was made in Rajnagar. It was proved from a Shilalipi found in Rajnagar, that there was an existence of an ancient University in Panchgaon, Rajnagar.

The Moulvibazar district is also famous for its own culture and tradition. The traditional cultural activities of tribal people are a source of enjoyment and attraction for the entire nation. Colorful Monipuri, Khasia and Tripura tribes live in this district. Monipuri tribal maidens are famous for their dance.

Moulvibazar is linked with Dhaka by rail, road and air. Osmani International Airport is 45 miles from Moulvibazar. Shamshernager Airport in Kamalganj Upazila, which was built during world war ll is still there and fit to operate airlines flights. Authorities kept it closed down, all though there are huge demand for flight operations from this airport. Direct quality Bus service linked all the Upazila head quarters with the nations capital city Dhaka. For hire vehicle such as taxi, baby taxi and microbus are available in all the small towns of the district.

Besides enchanting views of the area, one can also have a glimpse of the Madavkunda waterfalls across the broader form and rare beauty of rolling stones from hills. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation operates Parjatan Motel located at Madavkunda, Akbarpur, and Moulvibazar Town. There are a number of departmental rest houses and picnic spots to attract the tourists.

War of liberation:

The following parliamentarians led the pro liberation activities after the last general election held in Pakistan period. In the election of 1970, Md. Elias and Barrister Abdul Muntakim Choudhury were elected Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan and Azizur Rahman, Tuabur Rahim, Altafur Rahman, Chunu Nabab and Taimus Ali were elected as Member of the Constituent Assembly of East Pakistan. All of them were the members of Awami League and in 1971 they joined in the war of liberation against Pakistan.

Major General Abdur Rab (Now retired) who is from Moulvibazar district joined the Mukthi Bahini in March 1971 with few other troops under his command. Colonel M. A. Mannan (Now retired) also joined the Mukthi Bahini who escaped from Pakistan prison.

Others district level leaders who have directly or indirectly participated the war of liberation were Vice Principal M. A. Shahid MP and the Chief Whip, Mirza Aziz Ahmed Baig, Advocate Bomokesh Ghose, Giasuddin Choudhury (Former MP), Raja Ali Safdar Khan, Gaznafar Ali Choudhury, Shafqatul Wahed, Syed Motiur Rahman, Gias Uddin Monir (Ambassador), Prof Faizur Rahman, Advocate Ebadur Rahman Choudhury, Journalist Motiur Rahman Choudhury, Mahmudur Rahman, Mirza Farid Ahmed Baig, Md. Feroze, Syed Nasiruddin, N.I.Azizul Haq iqbal, Mujibur Rahman, Joinal Hussein, Sirajul Islam (Former MP), Abdul Jabbar (Former MP), Advocate Md. Feroze, Advocate Shantipada Ghose, Tara Miah, Abdul Matin (Upazila Chairman), Ali Ahmed Khan , Dr. Gopesh Chandra Das,Ataur Rahman Choudhury ( UP Chairman), Dr. M.A.Ali , Abdul Gafur (UP Chairman), Syed Abdul Matin, Syed Amjad Ali, Dr. Abdun Noor, Abdul Malik, Kanu Dey, Askir Mia (Ekatuna) and hundreds others.

The student % other youth leaders who have directly and indirectly participated with the Mukthi Bahini were Alaur Rahman Choudhury, Advocate Harunur Rashid, Dewan Abdul Wahab Choudhury, Shaheed Abdul Mukit, Abdul Muhaimin- Saleh (Juri), Abdul Mukit Khan, Abdus Salam, Abdus Subhan Masu, Abdul Malik, Abdul Muhit, Sajjadur Rahman, Syed Siddiqul Hasan,Paritosh Chakraborty, Shamsuddin A. Choudhury, Rahim Baksh Khoka,Ajmal A Chowdhury, Kanu Deb, Sirajul Haque, Abdul Moin, Dilip Dey, Mohammad Khalidur Rabb, Mokram Ali, Syed Abu Jafor Ahmed, Shahabudin Ahmed –Bacchu, Dewan A. Khair Chowdhury, Ronne Prentice and few others.


Mr. Abdul Ahad Choudhury a student leader of Chittagong University and M. Rafiquddin Choudhury-Rana Choudhury(Former Upazila Chairman) a student leader of Dhaka City unit of EPSL joined the Mukthi Bahini in Moulvibazar District who had succesfully organized and who had successfully organized and commanded two separate FF groups in the district area. .


Major General(retd) Abdus Salam Choudhury, Mr. Syed Mohsin Ali (Member of Parliament and Former Paurashava Chairman), Askir Miah (Former Upazila Chairman), Mohan Shome, Mr. Asuk Ahmed, Mr. Abdul Musabbir (Upazila Chairman), Mr. Abdur Rahim (Former Paurashava Chairman, Sreemongal) were also the renowned freedom fighters of Moulvibazar.



Few of the above noted personalities directly fought with Pakistan Forces as a regular member of the Freedom Fighters after having military training in India.




Many renowned personalities in the fields of politics, culture, education, literature, public administration and journalism hailed from this district. There are very few of political personalities who involved in the central politics of the country. Mr. M. Saifur Rahman is the first political leader who availed a Ministerial portfolio in Bangladesh Government from Moulvibazar district. Mr. M. Saifur Rahman, MP and Finance Minister, former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund is a proud son of Moulvibazar. He is the pioneer of the development activities in Moulvibazar as well as Sylhet Division


The another proud son of the district is Vice Principal Mohammed Abdus Shahid MP, the Chief Whip of the Parliament. As the status of a Minister, Cheif Whip M.A. Shahid MP was the Minister in the charge of the development activities in Moulvibazar district. The educationist, lawmaker, gallant freedom fighter Mr. Shahid is working very hard for the development of the district.


Ebadur Rahman Chowdhury is another dignitary of this district who also availed a state ministerial portfolio in Bangladesh Government from Moulvibazar district. Very popular political personality Mr. Chowdhury is also a renowned and successful Lawyer of the country and always dedicated for the development and well-being’s of Moulvibazari.


Freedom Fighter Major General M. Abdur Rab PSc, (Retired) is the first military personal who becomes a Major General of Bangladesh Army is a great son of the district. Freedom Fighter Major General Absus Salam Chowdhury, NDC, PSC (Retired) is the second military personal who becomes a Major General of Bangladesh Army


Mr. Syed A Mahmud, the first civil servant from Moulvibazar who hold the post of a Secretary under Bangladesh Government is a proud son of our soil .He was also ambassador of Bangladesh in many countries.


Our soil gave birth of many judicial personalities as Honorable Justice of Bangladesh Supreme Court Sirajul Islam, Justice B.B Das, Justice Nazmun Nahar Sultana and few others.


Mr. Azizur Rahman (former MP and former Whip of the opposition parties in the parliament) Joint Secretary General of the Bangladesh Awami League, Abdul Ahad Choudhury, Chairman, Mukthijoddah Sangsad, are also the proud son of this district.


Mr. Sultan M. Monsur MP former VP, DUCSU, Syed A. Ahmed Ikbal, Member, Ducsu, Journalist Minhaz Ahmed were veteran student leaders who are also hails from Moulvibazar district.


Besides, international reputed journalist and editor of the daily Dawn and former Minster late Altaf Hussein, renowned litterateur late Dr. Syed Mujtaba Ali, well-known journalist late S.M.Ali, first Education Minister of Assam late Syed Abdul Majid CIE, former Minister late Ali Haidar Khan, are also hailed from this district.

The other great sons of the district are late poet Sheikh Chand, late poet Shah Nur, late poet Munshi Sadek Ali, editor of former daily Vaskor late Gauri Sankar Tarkabagish, editor of former weekly Sylhet Paridarshak late Parry Charan Das, editor of former weekly Al-jalal late Moulana Abdur Rahman Sinkapaponi, First women M.A. of the Dhaka University Lila Nag, Moulvi Kudratullah, First class first in M.Sc. (Math) of Calcutta University Mahendra Nath Dey, First class first in Physics of Aligar University professor Eklasur Rahman , litterateur Mirza Abdul Hye, litterateur Ashraf Hussein, litterateur late Choudhury Golem Akbar, late Muhibus Samad (former Treasurer, Pakistan Awami League and former MLA), late M. Elias ( Former MP), late Barrister Abdul M. Choudhury (former MP & former Ambassador), late Begum Sirajunnessa Choudhury (former MLA), late Dewan Abdul Basith (former Minister), late Ali Amjad Khan, late Ali Safdar Khan, Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad (Economist), Dr. Mr. Majid ( Former Dean,CU),Abdul Mannan Choudhury (former District Registrar and founder Donor, Raznagar Degree College)Azizus Samad ( former Chairman Jiban Bima Corp), Syed Golam Rosul Nobi former deputy high commissioner, UK, Nurul Hussein Khan ( Former Secretary), Amitab Choudhury( Journalist, Calcutta),Ambassador Abdul Munim Choudhury, Abdul Muhit Choudhury (Chairman, NBR), Ambassador Gias Uddin Monir, Abdur Rahim Choudhury ( Former Secretary), R.R. Khan ( Former SP), Ali Haider Khan ( Div. Commissioner) Mufazzal Karim (former Secretary), Shamuddin A Choudhury (Managing Director, NTC), Major General Soul Afzal (Retd), Advocate Abdul Muhit Choudhury(GP), Advocate Sayed Abdul Matin (GP). Advocate Abdul Muyed Choudhury, Advocate Syed Sarfaraz Ali, (Paurashava Chairman), Advocate ANM Yousuf former MP,M.M. Shaheen ,MP, First women Advocate Rounukunessa Monir, Engineer Rejaur Rahman, Engineer Abu Taher, Engineer Jashim Uddin Ahmed, Engineer Syed Abu Bakar Ahmed, Engineer Utpal Datta, Brigadier Syed Abdur Rab,AIG Syed Bazlul Karim, late Sirajul Islam, Israil Miah(Expatriate, UK), late Moinuddin Ahmed (Expatriate, UK), M. Monirul Alam (Expatriate),Engineer Farasat Ali (Expatriate),Engineer Rezaur Rahman (Expatriate) .

A big number of Moulvibazaries are residing around the globe especially in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Middle East. The nation earned a very good part of its foreign currency from those expatriates. Moulvibazaries are famous for their Indian Restaurants in the U.K, Canada and USA.

Public Officials: (1973-Present)

Sirajul Islam ,Barrister Abdul Muntakim Choudhury, Giasuddin Choudhury,Tuabur Rahim and Md Elias were elected as Member of Parliament in 1973.


Sirajul Islam, Abdul Jabbar, M. SaifurRahman, Md Elias, and Khaleda Rabbani (Mohila Ashan-25, constituency reserved for women’s of Moulvibazar-Habiganj area.) as a Member of Parliamentin 1979


Imanuddin Ahmed,A.M.N. Yusuf, Azizur Rahman, Mr. Md Elias and Syeda Hasna Begum (Mohila Ashan-25, constituency reserved for women’s of Moulvibazar-Habiganj area.) were elected as a Member of Parliament in 1986.


Ebadur Rahman Choudhury, Ali Abbas Khan, Ahad Miah and Gias Choudhury were elected as Member of Parliament in 1988.


Ebadur Rahman Choudhury, Nabab Ali Abbas Khan, Azizur Rahman, Vice Principal M.A. Shahid, and Khaleda Rabbani(Mohila Ashan-25,constituency reserved for women’s of Moulvibazar-Habiganj area.) were elected as Member of Parliament in 1991.


Shahab Uddin Ahmed,Sultan M. Monsur, M.Saifur Rahman,Vice Principal M.A.Shahid and Husne Ara Wahid (Mohila Ashan-25,constituency reserved for women’s of Moulvibazar-Habiganj area.) was elected as a Member of Parliament in 1996


Ebadur Rahman Choudhury, M.M.Shahin, Naser Rahman,Vice Principal M.A. Shahid, and Khaleda Rabbani(Mohila Ashan-25,constituency reserved for women’s of Moulvibazar-Habiganj area.) were elected as Member of Parliament in 2001.


The first elected Upazila Chairmen were Muhammed Rafiquddin Choudhury, Major Khalidur Rahman, Askir Miah, Abdul Matin, Anowar Khan and Asad Uddin.


Ebadur Rahman Choudhury was the first nominated Zila Parishad Chairman of Moulvibazar. He was elected three times as the Member of Parliament from Baralekha constituency. Zila Parishad was suspended in 1991. The present government has reforming the Zila Parishad and election for the office of the next chairman will be held soon.

Moulvibazar district as a whole is a very resourceful and food surplus place in the country. The people of this district are generally aristocratic, religious. Well-behaved and very co-operative. They are also famous for their hospitality. People of this district have a heritage of communal harmony.

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